Social Media and Mitzvahs

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It seems these days that almost every 13 year old can easily operate a smart phone connecting them with the digital world. Parents and friends love social media to post new pictures and share updates about their lives, especially their son or daughter’s big day of their Mitzvah! Take a look at some great ways social media can tastefully tie in to your Mitzvah party.

1) Make a Facebook Event

This might sound silly when you’ve already sent out beautiful, customized paper invitations, but a Facebook event might be a good secondary back up to have in case any changes arise or you still haven’t received some RSVPs in the mail yet. It allows you to quickly communicate with your attending guests and serves as a quick reference of the details for the event.

2) Save the Dates

We mentioned making a Facebook event, but why stop there? Make an Instagram/Facebook save the date. Teens these days seem to have all of their friends as “followers” that they would be inviting anyways, and you can get creative by making a picture collage with filters galore or something to tie in to the Mitzvah’s theme.

3) Instagram & Facebook Frames

For those that may not be comfortable uploading photos directly or for the young teens that do not have social media accounts, this is a perfect solution to have the best of both worlds! The Main Event has plenty of social media type props from hand held frames to smaller signs with popular social media phrases.


4) Don’t Forget the Hashtag

The hashtag is what will organize your photos for you on social media without having to scramble through your guests’ profiles. Our energetic emcees will certainly play up the hashtag, and you can reward the guest with the most likes on a photo from the night with a prize!

5) The Décor

If you’re a real social media fanatic, tie in Instagram to the décor a bit by making place cards with Instagrammed pictures or a catchy hashtag name. Have an Instagram inspired candy buffet by having sweets of the colors in the rainbow part of the Instagram logo.

6) Zing It!

This fantastic new option provided by The Main Event has everything you want and more in a photo booth. Customize your background, print pictures for favors, and upload directly onto your social media accounts instantly from the booth! Your guests will love this fun (and efficient!) way to make moments last.

See: Zing It! Info (PDF, 18.6MB)


Social media presence can vary any way you want at your Mitzvah party, and thanks to new photography technologies there are so many cool ways to incorporate social media without being glued to a cell phone. You can truly reach for the stars—from printing Facebook inspired “like” t-shirts to photo booths that send your pictures directly to your accounts, the choice is yours!

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