Strike a Pose, There’s Nothing to It (Really!)

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Most people don’t need any encouragement to ham it up for the camera. The digital files we generate for our customers from The Main Event’s photo booths certainly are a testament to that. (FYI, your clients know what you do in there!) Every so often, our staff will encounter someone who is a true “photo booth phobic.” They’re a lot less common, but their worries are commonplace and echo a question we’re asked from time to time: How do you prep with just a few seconds before the camera shutter clicks?

It helps to have three things ready: your peeps, your props and a plan. Some of our photo booths create GIFs, or animated series of images that can be shared electronically, so guests can get really creative in arranging a sequence of shots. If you’re not interested in playing director, however, know that spontaneity works just as well. Silly face? Serious pose? It all goes.

Our photo booth attendants have lots of great ideas—they’ve seen it all—so never hesitate to ask for suggestions. They also can help with practical matters, like adjusting the camera height so your head remains in the frame if you’re tall or your body if you’re short. On second thought, you could have some fun with that.

There really is no wrong way to take a photo booth photo. Sometimes missed cues make for the best pictures. Consider the photo booth space a judgment-free zone. Everyone takes an awkward photo or two or ten, even under the best circumstances. Just ask anyone featured on

The whole point of a photo booth is to have fun—to make a memory out of a moment. After all, letting loose with family and friends is the best way we know to tighten the bonds between us.

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