Lounge Furniture Rental

Spice up your event with modern lounge furniture. Our sleek sofas & ottomans compliment dazzling LED cocktail tables, bars and cubes.
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Lounge Furniture Packages

A great party starts with a warm and welcoming atmosphere. If you're having trouble finding a suitable venue, we're here to help bring your vision to life. With our lounge furniture rental, we can create the perfect ambiance that will make your guests want to stay!

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Special Club Package

White or Black

  • 8-foot LED Bar
  • 4-Piece Sofa
  • 3 Ottomans
  • 8 LED Cocktail Tables
  • 16 Cocktail Chairs
Tufted Package


  • 8-foot LED Bar
  • 1 Couch
  • 1 Loveseat
  • 1 Round Sofa
  • 4 LED Cocktail Tables
  • 8 Cocktail Chairs
Tufted Package


  • 8-foot LED Bar
  • 2 Couches
  • 2 Loveseats
  • 4 LED Cocktail Tables
  • 8 Cocktail Chairs

Additional Pieces & Add-Ons

LED Cubes (4 To 6)
LED Coffee Table
LED End Tables
LED Bar-8 Ft.
LED Candy Bar (inc Candy)
LED Candy Bar (w/o Candy)
LED Ping Pong Table
LED Dance Floor (20 X 20)


NEW: Round Sofas

  • Excellent for cocktail hours
  • White leather, tufted detailing
  • Unique shape perfect for high traffic areas

NEW: White Tufted Sofas

  • 1 set includes: sofa, loveseat, & chair
  • White leather, tufted detailing
  • Great for a classic, elegant look

4 Piece Sofa Set

  • Black or white vinyl leather
  • ~14 ft. diamater (all 4 pieces combined)
  • Seats ~12-15 kids


  • Glass top, doubles as coffee table
  • Black or white vinyl leather
  • 4 pull-out mini stools

LED Cocktail Tables and Chairs

  • Choose table's LED color
  • Black or white vinyl leather chairs
  • Chairs adjust from 26" to 32"

LED Cubes

  • 17in x 17in x 17in
  • Perfect as end/side tables
  • Choose which LED color

Frequently Used Together



Transform your space into a raging dance party! Combine our DJ Packages with our Lounge Furniture for a glowing party your guests won't forget.

Lounge Photos

Set up a stylish photoshoot for your guests! We'll provide a Luxury Backdrop, a gorgeous white couch, plush white carpeting, a photo shoot fan, lights, and the camera.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't get enough pieces, then you lose that elegant impression Lounge Furniture can add to your party; order too many pieces and you'll waste space with surplus empty seats. We've found the sweetspot to be getting enough to seat about half your total guest count.