Pro Videography

At The Main Event, we understand the power of video in capturing the essence of special moments and creating lasting memories. Our dedicated videographers are passionate about their craft and committed to delivering captivating visuals that will make your heart skip a beat. With their expert eye for detail, artistic vision, and technical expertise, our videographers transform ordinary scenes into masterpieces. They skillfully weave together visuals, sound, and emotion, creating a compelling narrative that beautifully unfolds on screen. From weddings and mitzvahs to corporate projects and sweet 16, our videographers excel at capturing the essence of each unique story.
Professional Videography Packages

Choose from two of our Pro Videography packages, and then consider adding a second videographer for superior video editing. If you're looking for something a little different, let us know! All packages are customizable and we'll make something special for you.

Contact us and we'll help you find the right solution for your party.


Where or When

  • Reception - 5 Hour Coverage of Event
  • In-Camera Edit
  • Flashdrive

    For Once in My Life

    • Reception - 5 Hour Coverage of Event
    • Fully Edited
    • Opens with Photo Montage
    • Closes with Recap
    • Flashdrive

      Available Options & Add-Ons

      • Second Videographer
      • Video of Service

      Videography by Justin

      Katie & Shervin's Wedding Recap
      Rebecca's Bat Mitzvah Recap

      Videography by Eddie

      William's Bar Mitzvah
      Dean's Bar Mitzvah

      Videography by John

      William's Bar Mitzvah
      Evie's Bat Mitzvah Highlights


      If a picture's worth a thousand words, then a video's worth a million. Great videography captures all the emotions of an event, from the tears of joy to the exciting dance party. Our videographers are experienced, unintrusive, and use high-quality equipment for videos that will move you and your friends every time you watch.

      Frequently Used Together

      Pro Photography

      The best-quality events invest in both Pro Photography and Videography. Our photographers can edit your photos with artistry to capture emotion, and nothing tells the full story quite like an event video.

      DJ Packages

      Combine any Zap Shots package with any DJ package for even greater savings.

      Lounge Furniture Rental

      High class events rent Lounge Furniture for the exquisite atmosphere. Pro Videography will capture the elegant aesthetics of your party.