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Creating Memorable Moments with Party Favors
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Photo Favors

Show your guests appreciation and make them feel special with thoughtful party favors. It's important to select favors that are both practical and enjoyable, whether they're used or kept as a memento. Choose from a variety of our fun options that will remind your guests of your special day!

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  • Courteous staff dressed professionally (or for your theme)
    • 1 Photographer
    • 2 or 3 Assistants (size-dependent)
  • High definition DSLR cameras, pro equipment
  • Quality photos guaranteed not to fade or yellow
  • Use an in-house backdrop, your own backdrop, or a Hollywood-style step & repeat
  • Complimentary wacky props included
  • Digital copy of all photos on USB to post, email, and share
  • Biggest selection of frames & favors
  • Unlimited quantities and copies
  • Industry-leading best value


Choose higher packages for greater item quality and diversity. Our upper packages also include all of the items from lower packages. Certain frames are subject to availability. If you want to mix and match, we'd love to customize something special for you!

Contact us and we'll help you find the right solution for your party.

Fly Me to the Moon

  • Fun Frames
  • Designer Magnetic
  • Frames
  • Elegant Frames
  • Plastic Photo Cover
  • Curved Acrylic Frames
  • Lucite Frames
  • Photo Clips
  • Photo Key Chains
  • View Finders
  • Metal Frames
  • Glass Clip Frames
  • Choice of Backdrop


Photo folders and Custom photo folders are available upon request or when client is looking for something personalized.

Custom Step & Repeat

Add on a Step & Repeat to transform your party into a Hollywood-style photo shoot! Your guests pose in front of a backdrop with your logo. Great for brand events, weddings, and Mitzvahs.

Red Carpet and Stanchions

Perfect in combination with a custom step & repeat. Make your guests feel like stars.

Splash of Color

Give your guests the option to isolate a specific color for quirky photos that pop.

Sports Frames

Perfect for sports-themed parties and athletic guests of honor.

Add a Logo or Banner to Your Photos

Perfect for event branding and a truly memorable night.

Add a Second Photo Favors Photographer

Add a second photographer and set-up and kiss lines goodbye. Great for large parties.

Add a Roaming Photographer

Our roaming photographer will capture all aspects of your party throughout the night. For even greater quality photos, see our Pro Photography service.

Add Candle Lighting Coverage*

Our photographer will capture each candle being lit by your honored guest. Guests involved in the candle lighting ceremony will then receive a framed copy of their picture as a lasting memory of their special moment. *(already included in Packages 4+)

Dream Photos

Looking for crazy backgrounds? Consider getting a Dream Photos package instead, which uses cutting-edge green-screen technology for wonderfully wacky photos.

Backdrop Choices

Cerulean Marble
Classic Maroon

Phone Cases

Customized phone cases showing your best friends and family. Great for all ages.

Zap Shots

Every photo taken can be displayed on large plasma screens, live at your party.

Lounge Photos

Our classy lounge furniture transforms Photo Favors into luxurious photoshoots.
Our photographers and staff are all professional, accommodating, helpful, punctual, and pleasant to work with. Our pictures are guaranteed for life to never fade. We own and operate all of our equipment, giving you the best value in the industry.