Nikons, Canons And Sonys, Oh My! An Average Person’s Guide To Camera Shopping

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Sure, nearly everyone and their mother these days is walking around with a picture-taking device known as a cell phone, but those tiny lenses have their limitations. Sometimes you need a good, old-fashioned camera to get the job done right. Except camera shopping isn’t what it used to be. There’s nothing old-fashioned about cameras anymore. That once-simple machine has gone … Read More

Get in the Picture, Mom!

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Look at any family’s photos from vacations or parties and many times you’ll find one very important member missing—mom. Sometimes she’s hiding behind the camera. (Someone has to be the photographer, right?) But other times, she’s just hiding. We’ve all heard the excuses: “I haven’t lost the baby weight.” “It’s a bad hair day.” “I have no makeup on.” But … Read More