Storage Cubbies

Never underestimate the importance of storage cubbies. Keep your event organized and allow guests to store their favors gifts, and shoes.

It cannot be overstated: cubbies are essential to keeping your event organized and clean.

As guests receive goodie bags, clothing items, and other party favors, it's crucial they have a place to store their belongings without them obstructing walkways, or getting lost under a sea of tables. Cubbies greatly reduce the chance younger guests will leave your venue looking like their rooms at home... everything on the ground. Ladies often remove their shoes when they hit the dance floor, and dedicated storage reduces the chances of losing their favorite pair of heels. Since guests can reliably find their items at the end of the night, cubbies reduce clean-up time, letting you go home and relax faster.


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Party Favors

Keep your guests' gifts safe! Provide Storage Cubbies to house any of our exciting Party Favors.