Live Entertainment

Magicians and fortune-tellers and mentalists, oh my! The Main Event's talented performers will wow your guests for an unforgettable evening.

Live Entertainment

Treat your guests to a unique experience they will never forget. Our performers specialize in engaging your guests with action packed and interactive shows. We are even accustomed to performing in venues with religious restrictions, so let us know how we can best serve your audiences a taste of talent. Choose as many as performers as you'd like from below:


Our family-friendly magicians will dazzle, mystify, and wow your guests. Flexible and appropriate for all parties. Choose if you would like them to roam your party, perform a staged show, or both.


Juggling, unicycling, plate-spinning... all at once! Multi-Talent performers are great for carnivale and casino themes, and will make your party feel over the top.

Roaming Trivia Person

Quiz your guests on the theme, couple, or guest of honor! Excellent for weddings and Mitzvahs. We'll collaborate with you on great prize ideas.

Fortune Teller

What does your future hold... wealth? Power? Love? Let our Fortune Tellers predict your fate. Great for weddings where guests are curious about what love has in store for them!


Tapping into paranormal phenomena and ESP, Mentalists wow your guests with remarkable tricks of the mind. Like magicians, they can roam, perform a staged show, or both, your preference.

Frequently Used Together


DJ Packages

DJs and perfomers work well together to make sure there are no pauses in live entertainment. DJ sound systems are also great for announcing the performer and setting the atmosphere.