Zap Shots

View your photos throughout the night on plasma screens! See the action as it happens, and never miss anything at your own party.

Zap Shots

View hundreds of candid photos throughout your event live on plasma screens. Great for Mitzvahs where the TVs can also be used for displaying videos, slideshows, and montages for the guest of honor.


  • Three package options
  • All include a DVD archive of all your shots
  • Display candid roaming shots, Photo Favors shots, or both


Contact us and we'll help you find the right solution for your party.

1) All of You

  • Two large plasma screens
  • DVD photo archive
  • Photo Favors slideshow
  • Photo Favors package not included

2) For the Good Times

  • Two Large Plasma Screens
  • DVD photo archive
  • 1 Roaming photographer included
  • Professional video montage production
  • Can display photo favors slideshow, candid roaming photos, and video montage

Frequently Used Together

Photo Favors

We can use our Zap Shots screens to display shots of your guests posing for Photo Favors, in addition to any shots from a roaming photographer.

DJ Packages

Combine any Zap Shots package with any DJ package for even greater savings.


No. If you do not order our Photo Favors service and you would like Zap Shots screens at your event, then you must order Package 2 or 3, which include a roaming photographer and video montage.