Wax Hands

Immerse your hands in tubs of colorful wax and take home a unique one-of-a-kind gift.

This is a great "hands-on" craft for all ages! Make a wax replica of your hand holding one of many fun props. The hands are then mounted and presented to your guest in their own display case.

Fun, safe, and easy!


  • 2 professional attendants / guides
  • Guest customizes color choice
  • Comes with props and a case
  • Unique, personal decorations

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Wax Hands sound cool, but how do you keep the fun clean?

Friendly attendants carefully guide each participant's hand through the process, making sure the wax does not spill on outfits. As a secondary precaution, a protective tarp is laid on the floor.

How many colors are there to decorate with?

The wax comes in a few basic colors (yellow, red, blue...) and then you can mix those to get different colors.

How do you transport the Wax Hand home?

Each guest takes home their own specially-designed and mounted Wax Hand in a display case.