Video Games

We have your choice of all the newest games for Wii, Xbox 1 and PS4. Our new truss system has 4 flat screen monitors, allowing up to 16 guests to play at a time!


  • Wii, Xbox, Kinect, & Playstation
  • Games include:
    • Super Smash Brothers Brawl
    • NBA 2k17
    • Madden
    • Guitar Hero
    • Rock Band 2
    • Dance Dance Revolution
    • ... and more!
  • Let us know which games you have in mind
  • Contact us for details

Frequently Used Together

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    Arcade Games

    Combining Arcade and Video Games sets the ultimate interactive party that's a hit for kids. Arcade Games bring back the retro hits, and Video Games are the modern and popular games today.

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    Table Games

    Video, Arcade, and Table Games all go together to provide fun entertainment for the kids. Mix and match your favorites.