Curtain Style Booth

Soft black and red curtains entice your guests to step inside and pose for their pictures. Our Curtain Style photo booths fit up to 10 guests, accommodating large party sizes.


  • Pro quality DSLR camera
  • Unlimited high-quality prints
  • Prints two 2x6" photostrips per session
  • Choice of color/B&W pictures
  • Personalized photostrip template
  • Professional on-site booth attendant
  • Complimentary wacky props
  • Receive a CD archive of all photos


  • photo strip preview

    Customized Photostrip Template

    We'll personalize your photostrips with your theme, logo, or brand at no additional charge. We know your party is The Main Event, so we never include intrusive self-promotions on the front of your photos.

  • photostrip frames samples

    The Main Event's Famous Frames

    Add on a frames package to send your guests home in style. We offer a wide variety of frames for 2x6" photostrips, from fun themed frames to neutral lucites. Ask us about our latest offerings and we'll tailor something specific to your event.

  • child signing photo scrapbook

    Photo Scrapbook

    Add on a photo scrapbook package for meaningful messages from your guests. Includes a high quality scrapbook, pens, and tape. A hit at weddings, sweet 16s, and Mitzvahs.

  • red carpet thumbnail

    Red Carpet and Stanchions

    Although the red carpet won't be in the photos for the Curtain Style booth, a red carpet enhances the atmosphere of the venue.


How much space is needed?

The Curtain Style Booth only needs about a 5x5' area.

What's the difference between Curtain Style Booths and Coney Island Style Booths?

Both our booths are highly capable machines. The Curtain Style Booth can fit more people, but guests also love cramming in as many friends as possible into the Coney Island Style Booth. Often the biggest deciding factor comes down to personal preference: do you like the lush look of the soft curtains, or the familiar look of the hard-shell booth?