Dream Photos (Green Screen)

Pose in front of our green screen, and take your photos to the next level. Tell us your theme and we will customize a variety of backgrounds tailored specifically to your event, including creative backgrounds ranging from magazine covers, sports, travel, landscapes, movies, music, and more!


  • Available in 4x6", 5x7", or 8x10"
  • Your guests choose from 188 fun backgrounds
  • Includes frames (Photo Favors Package 3, Fly Me to the Moon)
  • Complimentary wacky props


  • customized background sample

    Customized Backgrounds

    Have specific backgrounds in mind? Let us know, we'll customize backgrounds to fit your theme at no additional cost.


How many backgrounds are there?

Your guests can choose from 188 backgrounds using our default Dream Scenes Backgrounds Book. Call us and let us know if you would like to limit or add backgrounds to the available selection.

How much space do you require?

We usually ask for a 10 x 10 ft. area.